Know God

Did you realise that God loves you and invites you into the adventure of knowing Him personally? Life Church exists to help you develop a genuine relationship with God and discover His purpose for your life.


Grow In Community

You were not created to do life alone, you were created for community. Real life change and growth happens in the context of community. Life Church is a place where you belong and the best way for us to belong is to get connected in a Life Group. There is something powerful about a small group of people who regularly pray for each other by name, celebrate each other’s wins and enjoy doing life together.


Discover Purpose

You've been created on purpose and for a purpose. Life Church exists to help you discover what that purpose is and how to apply that purpose to make a real difference. God created you by design and that's why the best place to look for your purpose is in your design - your natural gifting, talents and passions. Our discover purpose course is all about helping you discover your natural strengths and the unique purpose for your life.


Reach People

As you grow in community and discover your purpose you will realise that one of life's greatest joys is to share your faith with someone who doesn't yet know Jesus. We should never underestimate the power of a personal invitation, so why not invite someone to come along to a service with you this Sunday.