#Ready to take your next step?

The Life Track

At Life Church we'd love to help you take your next step to living your best life!
The Life Track is designed to help guide you through a process of discovering your purpose and building authentic relationships. If you're new to Life Church, The Life Track is a great place to start! The Life Track is made up of two simple steps that will equip you to grow in community and discover your purpose.

Step One - Grow In Community

At Step 1 Grow In Community, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of the Life Church team, hear about who we are and where we're going as well as how you can get connected into community. Step 1 is held regularly after our services and includes light refreshments as well as a supervised kids program. See the events section below for the next Grow In Community event in your location.

Step Two - Discover Purpose

At Step 2 Discover Purpose, our team will guide you through a personality and spiritual gifts profile to help you discover your purpose based on unique gifts and passions as well as how you can further develop them. Step 2 is held regularly after our services and includes light refreshments as well as a supervised kids program. See the events section below for the next Step 2 in your location.

#Next Steps

Join a Life Group

There is something powerful about a small group of people who regularly pray for each other by name, celebrate each other’s wins and enjoy doing life together. You were not created to do life alone, you were created for community. When you join a Life Group you will find that real life change happens in the context of community.

Join a Life Team

Each of us have been created on purpose and for purpose. Life Church is committed to assisting and empowering people to lead in every area of life. We believe that joining a team and serving together is the best way to discover your God designed purpose.

Grow with Jesus

If you want to know more about living an empowered life as a Christian, have recently said ‘Yes to Jesus’ or reconnected with Him, your next step is our Kickstart Life Group. Kickstart is a small group where you will build friendships, be able to ask questions and discover how to be empowered to live the life God has for you.

Get Water Baptised

Water baptism is a significant event in the life of every Christian. It is where we make a public declaration of our commitment to Jesus and decision to live for Him.

Baby Dedication

We love family at Life Church and one of the greatest privileges we have is establishing our family in God’s house. We believe in dedicating our Children to God, that they may grow up knowing Jesus personally and live the life He has created them for.

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is a one year internship program at Life Church, with an optional one-day Bible College component, that is central to our leadership development pipeline.

#Discover Our Ministries

At Life Church we are passionate about people living their best life. We are committed to supporting individuals, families and our community both locally and afar. Our ministries work towards the goal of empowering people to lead and creating pathways of opportunity for the future.

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