#22nd August Update

This morning at 8am (22/08/2020) there was an unexpected new directive from the Queensland Government. Although this does not directly affect our Sunday service gatherings, we have made the decision to cancel our Brisbane location services for this weekend (23rd of August), and gather exclusively online. We are planning to gather again at locations next weekend (30th of August). We want to make sure we allow adequate time to review this new announcement so that our services are always compliant with the latest Government directives and to the standard of excellence we hold ourselves to. 

All Life Group gatherings must adhere to this directive, and are limited to groups of 10. This is relevant whether you gather indoors or outdoors, and includes all persons no matter the age. Alternatively, Life Groups can gather as a community online.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter as our priority is to keep our community safe. Let’s continue to pray for our neighbours as well as our State and National leadership as they guide us through this season.

We look forward to seeing you online tomorrow at 9:30am & 5:30pm. Jump on early and say hello in the chat! Send a message to a friend to make sure they’re able to gather with you online at www.lifechurch.com.au

See you tomorrow, church!

Pastors Geoff & Lee

#18th March Update

Dear Church Family,

Further information regarding our previous update. Today the Federal Government and Queensland health have limited all non-essential social gatherings to under 100 people. In light of this, Life Massive Youth at Brisbane South will now be going online as well. Life Groups and Central Queensland services will continue as planned. 

Pastor Geoff Blight On behalf of the Life Church Oversight and Leadership.

#17th March Update

Dear Church Family,

As the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis has been unfolding in front of us all, our church leadership have been strategising and praying to make sure we do everything we can to continue to facilitate the gathering of our church community. 

Every conversation we’ve had about this crisis and our response has been extremely tough, as we strongly believe in the gathering of the Church. We believe that especially in times of need, we need to be surrounded by a faith-filled, Christ-centred community. We want to respond to all government advice, and ensure the utmost safety of all of us, whilst finding a way that we can gather, worship and pray together. 

The latest advice from the Federal Government and Queensland Health is to keep all social gatherings under 500 people. Our original response was to reduce the size of our gatherings on site by adding additional service options. As we’ve continued to explore this, and with your safety at the centre of our attention, we have decided to adjust our approach. We have made the proactive decision to shift our Brisbane locations to online services only, as of this Sunday (22nd March). We’re calling this “Life at Home”.

At 9:30am, and 5:30pm, we will still be gathering, but it will look different. We will be gathering in small groups, families and friends, in homes to connect online. We will live stream spirit-filled worship, and powerful, God-centred messages to empower and encourage us all.

Life at Home

Gather together

Worship together

Pray together

Tune in through our website for an interactive, online church service. Call your life group, text your friends, and wave to your neighbour; bring a small group of people over to your place this Sunday. Gather for community, and then tune in live to our 9:30am or 5:30pm services. Remember, you’re not just watching, this is the gathering of the church! We’re there worshiping & praying together. We will be sending out resources so you can have Kids Life at home too! And of course, those who are unable to gather for health reasons or concerns will still be able to tune in and connect through the chat and prayer features provided.

We will be sending detailed information out later this week to help you connect online this weekend. 

Life Massive at Brisbane South, Life Groups in all locations, and our Central Queensland services will still continue as planned as they gather in smaller numbers. 

This Sunday we will be praying for our nation, our government, and those in the health sector. We will pray for God’s blessing over their lives, and wisdom for them as they continue to care for and guide us all. We are confident that God is bigger than any challenge we can face. No matter what happens next, do not forget that wherever we are, in whatever situation, we are Christ’s church. We are on mission to extend God’s loving hand into every corner of our world. Let’s continue to be kind, generous and loving in all that we do. 

I’m excited for this Sunday as we gather throughout our city. It really brings new meaning to what we’ve been saying for a while… One church, many locations. See you Sunday.

Pastor Geoff Blight On behalf of the Life Church Oversight and Leadership.

#13th March Update

Dear Church Family,

Our church oversight and leadership have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and listening to the advice of the Federal Government and Queensland Health. We will continue to take precautionary and proactive measures to keep our community healthy and safe.

We are completely faith-filled, and confident in our miracle-working God in this situation, like all others. In line with the current recommendations, we will still be holding Sunday gatherings as a faith community. However, we want to make sure we respond to the advice of the aforementioned authorities.

Last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Council of Australian Governments advised that, as a precautionary measure, all non-essential gatherings should be kept to under 500 people from Monday, 16th March onwards.

As per this advice, we are taking steps to keep our gatherings to a smaller size, as well as additional measures outlined below. As of this Sunday ,the 22nd of March, we will be adding an additional AM Service time at Brisbane South. This will allow all of us to attend one of the AM services in any location (and the PM service at Brisbane South) within the current health recommendations.

  • Sunday 22nd March onwards

    • Brisbane South: 8:30am, 10:30am (Live Streamed) & 5:30pm

    • Brisbane North: 9:30am

    • Clermont: 9am

    • Capella: 10am

    • Kids Life program will still be available.

    • Life Massive will continue to gather on Fridays (Brisbane South).

    • Life Groups are still ongoing, and the same health considerations as below should be applied.

    We do ask that people take precautions in this time to best take care of yourself and those around you. If you are unwell, or if someone close to you is, please stay home, rest and seek medical advice. We will be working hard to ensure the online coverage of our 10:30am service in Brisbane South is as comprehensive and engaging as possible, so that you can stay connected even if you are unable to come to a location. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout our locations as an additional measure. We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops and provide updates in line with recommendations by the appropriate governmental authorities. 

    For all of us who serve on a Life Team, your department leader will be in touch in the coming days to talk about how we can continue to serve our church in this season. 

    We are confident that God is bigger than any challenge we can face. Just like we have been teaching on this month, we must continue to be anxious for nothing, “but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6). Let’s be the faithful, generous, kind & peace-filled church our world needs now more than ever. I encourage you to pray for our nation’s leaders as they continue to guide us through this time.

    Pastor Geoff Blight On behalf of the Life Church Oversight and Leadership.