It has been sensational to have our location services gathering together over the last 2 weeks! It’s exciting to see new faces in the room and online, as we continue to press into everything God is leading us into. We want to say that we are so grateful for your lean in as a team. Yes, there has been lots of change but as a church we are seeing a steady momentum that no doubt is due to the commitment of our teams to keep loving and serving people.

We really do love you and we are so glad that we get to do this, together! 

Registration Process & Check In

With restrictions on the maximum number of people that can be in our facilities at one time, we have put a check-in process in place for our Sunday services. At Brisbane South, pre-registration via the website is required to ensure we meet the capacity guidelines. Every person in attendance at all our locations' services or events will be required to check in as part of our requirements under the COVID-Safe Industry Plan. 

A reminder that when you are rostered on team, your roster counts as your registration for that service.

Hand Sanitiser & COVID-Safe Signage

You will have seen that we have a supply of hand sanitisers throughout our site as well as signage to encourage everyone to practice safe gathering and appropriate physical distancing. 

Cleaning Processes

We have taken extra measures in our cleaning processes prior to, during and post-services so that we have a COVID-safe environment for people to come and gather together. We also ask all team to wipe down the person belongings before you come to a service, and potentially throughout where necessary.

Let's Lead the Way

Our vision and culture is as strong as ever. Life Church exists to reach and empower people. We are a place where everyone belongs, and where people can encounter the presence of God. We get to bring our LIFE distinctives; Loving, Inspiring, Fun & Empowering to everything we do. 

We ask that you also lead by example and adhere to the guidelines of maintaining physical distancing whilst on site. This includes using non-contact greetings for people, and sitting with space between us. All of these processes allow us to gather together and it’s also us playing our part in keeping QLD COVID-safe.

As always, we are happy to chat through these processes in further detail should you have any questions. 

We can’t wait to gather this Sunday across our location services, as well as 9:30am and 5:30pm online. 

Pastors Geoff & Lee Blight

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