#Ways to Give

Direct Deposit Account: BSB: 034 069 Account Number: 122263 Reference: T&O

To give by cash or credit card please call our church office on 07 3719 3177 or use a Giving Card during any of our services. Cheques to be addressed to "Life Church"

#To Win a City

To Win A City offering is an opportunity for every person who calls Life Church “home” to financially contribute to the vision and faith future of our church over and above our general giving. This finance is used for strategic building and ministry projects, releasing our church to win this city one person at a time.

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What will the To Win A City Offering go towards?

All amounts given towards this To Win A City Offering will go towards the continual improvement of our facilities at Life HQ and The Life Centre, as well as the establishment of a new campus on the Northside of Brisbane, including facilities. Giving does not go towards existing Life Church community initiatives, including Brisbane Christian College.

What are Vision Partners and Kingdom Builders?

Every person, every family, that contributes to our To Win A City offering becomes a part of our Vision Army. Within our Vision Army, Life Church has a body of faith filled givers who pledge to bring in amounts over $3,000 - our Vision Partners and amounts over $8000 - our Kingdom Builders, within the 12 month period. As key givers, our Vision Partners and Kingdom Builders meet throughout the year to be empowered and equipped in this vital role as vision releasers.

Is my giving tax-deductible?

Your To Win A City vision giving is not tax-deductible.

Will I receive regular statements?

Yes, a statement will be emailed to you every three months to update you on your To Win A City pledge.

Circumstances have changed for me, can I change my pledge?

You are free to change your pledge at any time through the 12 month giving period; simply contact the Life Church office to request a change.

What will happen to our existing campus?

We will still continue to grow and invest in our existing campus in Salisbury (Life HQ and The Life Centre). We believe that as a church we are called to build centres for community transformation! So we will continue growing our existing centre, and establish another on the Northside of Brisbane.

When should I honour my pledge?

Pledges can be made for the 2017/18 year anytime from now onwards. Contributions towards your pledge can be continually made at any time throughout the year. Our final date for completing pledges will be August 26, 2018.

Where can I honour my pledge?

You can honour your pledge during our regular tithes & offerings on a Sunday using a giving card, or online through direct deposit.
To Win A City pledges can be sent to this dedicated account:

Account Name: To Win A City
Account Number: 117691
BSB: 034 069
Reference: e.g. J Smith