Legacy offering is an opportunity for every person who calls Life Church “home” to financially contribute to the vision and faith future of our church over and above our tithes. This finance is used for strategic building and ministry projects, allowing us as a church to build a Kingdom Legacy that will impact generations.

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Our faith goal is that we would see over 250 giving groups step out in faith over these 12 months to be a part of building a Kingdom Legacy. Together, we believe we can pledge to give $500,000 towards our faith future. So let's rise up together and be faithful with what's in our hands. 

If you would like to make a Legacy pledge you can do so using a pledge form at your location, or online through the link below.

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#Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Legacy Offering go towards?

Our Legacy giving goes to things that help us reach and empower more people. This includes community outreach and programs, location expansion and purchase, as well as our global missions. Maintenance, repairs and general wages do not come out of Legacy giving. For a full list of Legacy Projects, view the Legacy Magazine.

Does my giving go towards my location?

Yes, your giving does go towards your location, as we together resource the vision across all locations. We have exciting giving projects across all locations, and we believe we are one church family. We exist to strengthen, support and encourage one another in our mission to reach people with the love, grace and power of the Gospel. For this reason, our Legacy Offering goes towards the building of our joint legacy across all Life Church locations.

What are Vision Partners and Kingdom Builders?

Every one of the giving groups will make up our Vision Army. Within our Vision Army, Life Church has a body of givers who pledge to bring in amounts over $3,000 in the giving cycle - these are our Vision Partners. Additionally, there are those who pledge in amounts of $8,000 and over in the giving cycle - these are our Kingdom Builders. As key givers, our Vision Partners and Kingdom Builders gather throughout the year to be empowered and equipped in this vital role as vision releasers.

Is my giving tax-deductible?

Your Legacy giving is not tax-deductible.

When should I honour my pledge?

Pledges can be made for the 2021/22 giving cycle anytime from now onwards. Contributions towards your pledge can be continually made at any time throughout the year. Our final date for completing pledges will be in August, 2022.

Where can I honour my pledge?

You can honour your pledge during our regular tithes & Legacy giving on a Sunday using a giving card, or online through direct deposit.
Legacy pledges should be sent to this dedicated account:

Account Name: Legacy Offering
Account Number: 117 691
BSB: 034 069
Reference: e.g. J Smith

Will I receive regular statements?

Yes, a statement will be emailed to you every three months to update you on what we have done so far through Legacy, and on your Legacy pledge. When you make a pledge you can list up to 2 email addresses that will receive these communications. We will not email you through any address but the ones you list on your pledge.

Circumstances have changed for me, can I change my pledge?

You are free to change your pledge at any time; simply use the form below to let us know.