#We're Responding to Keep You Safe

As the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis has been unfolding in front of us all, our church leadership have been strategising and praying to make sure we do everything we can to protect the public health of our state, and facilitate the gathering of the Church. 

We believe that, especially in times of need, we need to be surrounded by a faith-filled, Christ-centred community. We want to respond to all government advice, and ensure the utmost safety of all of us, whilst finding a way that we can gather, worship and pray together. 

Join us for Services Online or Face-to-Face

In line with Stage 3 of the Queensland Government's health response, Life Church will be gathering both online and at our Church locations. All services will be conducted in line with the QLD Government’s Industry COVID-safe plan for places of worship. We encourage you to continue to gather every Sunday for a service, whether online or face-to-face.

Our team work hard every week to make sure our online services are an engaging and powerful alternative for those of us who are choosing not to, or are unable to, attend a location service. If you are planning to attend a location service you may need to register online via the link below. Please take note of the conditions of entry for your own safety, and those around you.

Services this Sunday

#Health and Safety Conditions for Attending a Service

Since mid-July, Life Church has been following the Queensland Government’s Industry COVID-safe plan for places of worship. We are doing everything required by the QLD State Government to safely operate church gatherings at this time.

If you plan to attend a location service in Brisbane South, Brisbane North, Clermont or Capella, you acknowledge that all reasonable precautions will be taken by you as per Queensland Health guidelines. This includes social distancing and hygiene measures.

This also includes only attending a service if you and your household are in good health. Should you fall unwell before the event, you can cancel your reservations by contacting us below. You also agree for your details to be kept additionally for 56 days for contact tracing purposes, in-line with the current industry COVID-Safe Plan. 

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