#Find a Stream that works for you!

Let's connect online to gather together, worship together and pray together with Life Church Everywhere. Our services will be streamed through a new, highly interactive online platform so that we can still gather as the church, no matter what. 

#Need help connecting?

Our team have been working on an FAQs page for connecting online with Life Church Everywhere. Here you'll find some tips on how to connect best, and troubleshoot any problems you may come across. If you have continued problems, you can contact our tech support team through this page as well. We've got team ready to help you every Sunday.

FAQs for Life Church Everywhere

#Looking for someone to connect with?

Use some of the handy filters on our Life Groups page to find some people with similar interests to you that you can connect with and continue to find community. Message them through the website, or send the a text, and see if you can catch up online soon.

Find a Life Group

#Catch up on last week!