Leadership Academy is an internship program here at Life Church where you will be empowered to own your calling!

You will be developed and inspired by teachings from Pastors Geoff & Lee and key ministry team. You will also get to intern within a department at Life Church, seeing the behind-the-scenes of church life. Plus, a ministry mentor will help you grow your capacity and skills, challenging you to reach the full potential that God built you for! There is also an optional one day a week bible college component you can do in addition to Leadership Academy through Youth Alive.

Leadership Academy will be commencing in February, 2020.

#A message from Ps Geoff & Lee

Leadership Academy is a one year internship program at Life Church that is central to our leadership development pipeline. We will be training ministers, leaders and church planters for the future. This is a great opportunity to step into the God call on your life.

Lee and I will be personally spending time with our ministry interns every week, with the sole purpose of developing and enhancing the leadership gift that God has placed on your life. This internship will develop graduates to be leaders in both church ministry and the marketplace. So can I encourage you - take the adventure, have a go, step out in faith and follow God's call on your life.

Pastors Geoff and Lee Blight
Lead Pastors of Life Church

#Components of Leadership Academy

Interns will have the opportunity to work with Life Church staff and ministry leaders to support the vision and mission of our Church to reach people. This is achieved through interning within a department of Life Church either through a part-time or flexible option. Interns will be partnered with a ministry mentor to empower and support their development, along with weekly input from our Lead Pastors, Executive Pastors and key ministry leaders. Interns also have the option to undertake a one-day a week formal Bible College component to achieve a Diploma of Leadership through Alphacrucis College (Youth Alive).

#Leadership Academy Structure

In 2020, Leadership Academy offers a few pathways that make it even more accessible for anyone wanting to take the next step on their leadership journey.

Our weekly input sessions will now take place on a Tuesday night, and will be fully online. This means you can fully participate in Leadership Academy from any Life Church location, and work it around your family and work commitments.

Also, there are two options when it comes to the internship component of Leadership Academy. You can choose the part-time internship which is made up of 1-2 work days interning in the Life Church offices. Alternatively you can take advantage of the flexi internship which is 8 hours of flexible interning around your schedule. This means that you can enrol in Leadership Academy whilst still in full-time employment, or other time-restrictive commitments. 

Each intern will serve within a key department at Life Church. We believe focussing your gifting and time to a primary area will best allow you to grow and develop your leadership.

As an intern, you will work closely with the department leader and key team to outwork the mission and goals of that department and life church. At times, all interns will be called upon to support major life church events throughout the year.

Every Tuesday night, Leadership Academy interns will have an input session with Life Church lead pastors, executive pastors and key ministry leaders. These sessions will cover a range of leadership, ministry, personal, and practical skills development. All of these sessions will be online, allowing you to participate from wherever you are.

Through the course of the year, interns will be challenged and stretched through these weekly sessions. Along with ministry and leadership input, workshops will also cover a range of topics including personal and department budgeting, academic writing and Q&A panel sessions discussing ministry, leadership, relationships and life.

Each intern will be partnered with a ministry mentor. The role of your ministry mentor is to support your growth through the year. They will be a key leader in the department you are interning within and your primary contact throughout the year. Your mentor will disciple and challenge you to grow in all areas of your life. Ministry mentors will meet regularly with their interns to track their progress with tasks, and provide clear and consistent feedback.

The key role of a ministry mentor is to empower their interns to set them up to be a leader in every area of life. They will develop a strategic and personal development plan for you, as well as provide support and coaching through any leadership challenges throughout the year.

Leadership Academy interns will have the option to undertake a formal study component to achieve a diploma of leadership within a year, studying one day per week. Life Church is excited to partner with Alphacrucis and youth alive for this bible college study. Those interested in bible college with Youth Alive will attend college every Thursday at the Alphacrucis campus located at Woolloongabba with a three-day intensive per semester.

Students studying at Youth Alive will have the opportunity to network within Youth Alive with exposure to the national Youth Alive directors, international guests, industry professionals and weekly chapel services. Youth Alive Academy students will also serve at key Youth Alive events throughout the year.

Bible college fee information is available upon application. Fee-help is available for this. Bible college commences in the second week of February, 2020.

#Contact Us

Leadership Academy commences on 28th January, 2020. Applications are open until 26th January, 2020. To apply, simply fill in the form through the link below. We'll be in touch with what's next!

If you have any questions, or require any additional information, please contact our Leadership Academy co-ordinator, Pastor Hannah Kelly.