Dear Life Churchers,

Welcome to our shared, and yet very personal adventure through God’s Word.

The theme for this year is - ‘The Word’. 

We get to know God better through intimacy with the Word of God. Our goal for 2024 is that each of us draw closer to God by increasing our relationship with His Word.

Each month there will be a fresh reading plan that focuses on a book of the bible. Our preaching will follow this biblical path so that our Sunday teaching will be aligned with our personal Bible reading devotions. This S.O.A.P. journal will be available for you all year so that we can individually journal what God is saying to us as we spend time in his Word.

Let’s go on this adventure together toward greater intimacy with Him and a deeper love for His word.

Ps Geoff & Lee

This month we are looking at the beginning of everything. First things matter. We will see how God is the creator of everything, and He formed us in His very own image. We will see man's first sin in the garden; a decision to reject God as the judge of right and wrong and install ourselves as the definers of truth and morality. We will follow the story of Abraham, the father of the Jewish nation and also the father of faith. God selects Abraham and from him establishes his people, Israel. Jesus, a decendant of Abraham, would fulfil God's promise in Genesis 12 that through Abraham all the nations of the world would be blessed. We will also follow the epic tale of Joseph. Joseph's life is a saga of betrayal, humiliation, restitution, forgiveness and salvation. Joseph's life points forward to the ultimate saviour of the world; Jesus.

Part 1

Genesis is very key to our understanding of who God is, who we are and how God
relates to us. In these first chapters of Genesis we gain an understanding of our unique relationship with God as a result of our unique formation in God’s image. We see the fall of man and the promise of salvation, a promise that finds it's fulfilment in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

1 May - Genesis 1:1-8 & John 1:1-5
2 May - Genesis 1:9-23
3 May - Genesis 1:24-2:3
4 May - Genesis 2:4-17
5 May - Genesis 2:18-25
6 May - Genesis 3:1-7
7 May - Genesis 3:8-24

Part 2

The account of Abraham’s life, call and legacy is a dynamic shift in God’s redemptive plan. God selects Abraham and through him establishes Israel, the nation from whom Jesus, the promised redeemer, would come. Abraham’s story is a story of faith in action over many years. God demonstrates His faithfulness and power by allowing an old and barren couple to become the parents of many nations. It is through their descendent Jesus, all the nations of the world would be blessed.

8 May - Genesis 12:1-20 & Romans 4:16-25
9 May - Genesis 13
10 May - Genesis 14
11 May - Genesis 15
12 May - Genesis 16
13 May - Genesis 17:1-18:15
14 May - Genesis 18:16-19:29

Part 3

The story of Joseph is an inspiring account of faith against all odds and the redemptive promise of God at work. Joseph is the great grandson of Abraham. He is chosen by God to save his family, and his life is an epic tale of betrayal, salvation, promotion and forgiveness in action. From Joseph’s life we discover the
power of a dream, the necessity of trust against all odds, and the power of forgiveness to displace hurt and rejection and instead bring healing and hope.

15 May - Genesis 21
16 May - Genesis 22
17 May - Genesis 37
18 May - Genesis 38
19 May - Genesis 39
20 May - Genesis 40
21 May - Genesis 41
22 May - Genesis 42
23 May - Genesis 43
24 May - Genesis 44
25 May - Genesis 45
26 May - Genesis 46:1-27
27 May - Genesis 46:28-47:12
28 May - Genesis 47:13-31
29 May - Genesis 48
30 May - Genesis 49
31 May - Genesis 50