Dear Life Churchers,

Welcome to our shared, and yet very personal adventure through God’s Word.

The theme for this year is - ‘The Word’. 

We get to know God better through intimacy with the Word of God. Our goal for 2024 is that each of us draw closer to God by increasing our relationship with His Word.

Each month there will be a fresh reading plan that focuses on a book of the bible. Our preaching will follow this biblical path so that our Sunday teaching will be aligned with our personal Bible reading devotions. This S.O.A.P. journal will be available for you all year so that we can individually journal what God is saying to us as we spend time in his Word.

Let’s go on this adventure together toward greater intimacy with Him and a deeper love for His word.

Ps Geoff & Lee

This month we will be looking at Paul’s letter to the Roman church. Paul is seeking to minister from Rome, so he is writing to introduce himself and what he believes. The book of Romans is Paul’s most comprehensive explanation of the Gospel. He sets out the universal need for grace and forgiveness, God’s empowering presence, and how we should live as a community of faith.

Part 1

In this first part we will be looking at our universal need for God’s grace and forgiveness. We have all sinned, regardless of our background, and we can all receive God’s forgiveness and empowering presence through believing in what he has done for us on the cross.

1st February - Romans 1:1-17

2nd February - Romans 1:18-32

3rd February - Romans 2:1-16

4th February - Romans 2:17-29

5th February - Romans 3:1-8

6th February - Romans 3:9-20

7th February - Romans 3:21-31

Part 2

In Part 2 we will be looking at the power of God’s promise in our lives. The promise is received by faith, it brings us life in Jesus, it overcomes the power of sin, it frees us from bondage to the law, and it brings us eternal life.

8th February - Romans 4

9th February - Romans 5:1-11

10th February - Romans 5:12-21

11th February - Romans 6

12th February - Romans 7

13th February - Romans 8:1-30

14th February - Romans 8:31-38

Part 3

In this part we will see how God’s grace toward the new Gentile believers does not negate his promise to Israel. Here we learn that we can never earn favour with God; right standing with Him is always received by believing and trusting in Him and what He has done. Grace cannot be earned, it is received by faith.

15th February - Romans 9:1-16

16th February - Romans 9:17-33

17th February - Romans 10:1-4

18th February - Romans 10:5-15

19th February - Romans 10:16-21

20th February - Romans 11:1-24

21st February - Romans 11:25-36

Part 4

In part 4 we are exploring what it means to live for others, even if it means limiting personal freedoms so as not to cause others to stumble in their walk with Jesus. Serving others is what Jesus defined as greatness (Mark 10), and here Paul discusses some very practical ways we can serve others and preserve unity.

22nd February - Romans 12:1-8

23rd February - Romans 12:9-21

24th February - Romans 13:1-7

25th February - Romans 13:8-14

26th February - Romans 14

27th February - Romans 15:1-13

28th February - Romans 15:14-33

29th February - Romans 16